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Ted Beaudoin‘s Books (in progress):

  1. Earth Angels Rising
  2. Sworn to Secrecy
  3. Ferry Command Teenager


Don McVicar’s books about his earliest RAFFC experiences, edited by Donna McVicar Kazo and republished by Words on Wings Press LLC may be found on







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Earth Angels Rising Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Earth Angels Rising … Work in Progress Mystery of the Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees (T9465) … solved by Ted Beaudoin This is the story of how a highly-publicized international aviation event in December, 1940, became something of an aviation mystery 46 years later, or if it looks like T9465, taxis like T9465, …

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Ferry Command Teenager

Ted Beaudoin’s Ferry Command Teenager is the remarkable story of the youngest teenager – Larry Sellick (b. 1927), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to actively serve the RAF FC / TC as the only remaining air cadet apprentice after all other apprentices quit when one of their colleagues fell out of an airborne bomber and lived to …

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Sworn to Secrecy

Ted Beaudoin’s Sworn to Secrecy deals with the children of Ferry Commanders, all of whom were sworn to secrecy in one form or another by automatic fealty to one’s allied country military unit, or as civilians who took an oath of secrecy, which left many of their children – today’s adults – wondering just what …

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