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Within Earth Angels Rising; Sworn to Secrecy; Ferry Command Teenager by Ted Beaudoin:

Affleck, F/E John KC MBE  RAFFC  flight engineer on original Commando; this B-24 Liberator ferried Prime Minister Winston Churchill SEE VanDerKloot
Albulet, Alexander  civilian, from Louise Erdely
Allen, Ernest  Welland, Ontario – BCATP, One-Tripper, drew long straw, took boat to England, founder – Welland’s Seaway Mall
Allen, Mike  son of Ernest, retired 2014 from Seaway Mall holding company; provided his father’s information
Blakely, Herbert Lawson   Britain and Canada; Moderator, Gentleman’s Military Interest Club – Great Britain & Commonwealth Realms, Canada, New Zealand & Australia Medals & Militaria:  http://gmic.co.uk/
Barclay, M. B. “Jock”  TCA Captain on RAFFC flight, a lead from Harry Cooper
Baker, R/O Howard  RAFFC  radio operator, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia – deceased, Jan. 30th, 2013, age 99
Bennett, A/V/M D.C.T. “Don”  RAFFC/RAF; leader of original group of civilian aircrews, from England to USA and Canada, 1940; later became leader of Pathfinder Force
Bidell, W/C William Hugh “Willie”  RAF/RAFFC early, lost at sea, second pilot for Commando – B-24 Liberator after modification to a single tail, same aircraft which had been previously assigned to Churchill
Bisson, Capt. Louis, KC, OBE  RAFFC pioneer, top Canadian bush pilot; his frontier-expanding Norseman flights with Don McVicar as wingman provided new access across remote regions of Canada to develop air routes overseas; later became a priest; bridge between Montréal and Laval, Quebec bears his name
Bouchard, Vicki  Victoria, British Columbia, brother Wayne, in New Westminster, British Columbia and cousin Garry Stockdill, Yorkshire, England
Bowhill, A/C/M Sir Frederick  RAF/RAFFC chief officer of Ferry Command
Bowie, Alex  RAFFC Navigator, information from Scottish Saltire Branch ACA # 162
Bradbrook, Captain, and others, re a fatality
Browne, Roslyn Lloyd George  RAFFC, SEE Keith Thompson
Bulloch, Terence Malcolm  RAF – seconded to RAFFC as One-Tripper, made many flights later
BurkeDennis, Dublin, leads to Wyndham and others below
Care, Bob: Oakville, Ontario; b.care@sympatico.ca. Source of information on father, Fred. Bob generously provided a high-resolution scan of his father’s copy of The Story of No. 45 Group, Royal Air Force, Per Ardua Ad Astra. Only 500 commemorative copies were produced of this rare, out-of-print book; Fred was issued No. 90.
Care, Capt. Fred  RAFFC, one of Commando’s pilots SEE VanDerKloot. After WW II, Fred became an early business partner with Tim Horton, of Horton fame, selling new cars with Tim before Tim sold his first donut.
Carlyle, Henry R. OBE  RAFFC American pilot, Dorion, Quebec, radio operator, DVA, Canada web site
Churchill, Winston, Prime Minister of England
Cochrane, Jacqueline (Jackie) American aviatrix, the only woman pilot permitted as a co-pilot during a delivery flight
Coffman, Robert E.  RAFFC, 2nd pilot, lost with Ron Snow and rescued with him, from Alex Bowie
Colato, F/E A.  RAFFC, Flight Engineer, aircrew on Marco Polo
Conger, Bob  Atlantic Bridge book source, Aeroknow
Cooper, Harry  from NetLetter, described February 1944 RAFFC flight back to Canada
Cormack, John  Wick, Scotland; The Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees material, link with Elizabeth-Ann McKay at John O’Groats and Caithness Journal
Cranstoun, Diane  Alberta, photo of cemetery, RAFFC crash in Scotland
Dawson, Pete  Vancouver Island, tape-recorded interview with Gord Stemson
Davidson, Capt. Walter J.   RAFFC, flew with Willie Bidell
Denton, George G.  friend of Alec Dame and Sheldon Luck
Dickins, Clennell Haggerston “Punch” OC DFC OBE  ATFERO; remembered Sheldon Luck, as noted in Sheldon’s two biographies, Walking on Air and Pilot of Fortune
Dilley, Murray Benjamin  RAFFC, pilot, flew Hudson AM864
Doherty, L. B.  RAFFC civilian radio operator
Dorion, Leonard  radio operator, from Veterans Affairs Canada web site, lead to Henry Carlyle
Easton, Elizabeth  wife of Upton, RAFFC weather forecasting
Edmison, “Kelly”   RAFFC second Captain, return flight, see above: Cooper, Barclay
Emigh, Harold E.  RAFFC pilot – later was Trojan aircraft builder in Colorado, built 85 airplanes
Erdely, Louise  lead to Alexander Albulet, a family friend – d. July 2013 – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: R/O with the RAFFC
Erdely, William  R/O with RAFFC, Louise’s father-in-law
Evans, Capt. George P. OBE  RAFFC – from Thea Strassburg, aunt to Charlie Kotsaftis.  Captain Evans was the pilot of airplane named Marco Polo; he often flew with Don McVicar who credited him as being the best instrument pilot ever. Captain Evans’ plane disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean on July 4th,1945
Farley, F/L H. J.   RAFFC Flight Lieutenant on the Marco Polo flight to Chunking, China
Fernie, Bill  Wick, Scotland – SEE Caithness.org group – Hilland Primary School
Flowers, Allen  crewed with – SEE above- Willie Bidell – 1st Liberator delivery
Freckleton, LLoyd  RAFFC pilot
Frew-Thompson, Karen  Adairsville, GA, US – lead to Keith RodgersSEE below
Frost, Val  Ottawa: Father, David Harry Archibald, and Mother, Winnifred (Pat) Keegan-Archibald, TCA, both attached to RAFFC Dorval
Fryer, Liz  Kitchener, Ontario – daughter of Art Jones, Waterloo, Ontario, sister of Alan Jones
Garrigan, Michele
Gentry, Capt. Dick  RAFFC
Goldwater, Barry M.  died in 1988, aged 89. The existence of other allied ferry or ferrying commands often confused those searching for information on the RAFFC. Goldwater had been assigned as a pilot to an organization which was called Ferry Command, but it was not the RAFFC … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Goldwater  From his obituary in the Saturday, May 30th, 1998 Washington Post by staff writer Bart Barnes, Page A01, which also appeared on-line at
During World War II, Mr. Goldwater tried but was unable to get a combat flying assignment. He did get an assignment to the Ferry Command, a newly formed unit made up mostly of overage pilots who delivered aircraft and supplies to war zones all over the world, and he spent most of the war flying between the United States and India, via the Azores and North Africa or South America, Nigeria and Central Africa.
Green, Hugh (Hughie)  England TV game show host was RCAF pilot, seconded to RAFFC
Carlisle, Capt. Edgar Grafton
Hall, Basil  RAFFC Captain
Hansen, James Stewart  RAFFC radio operator, seconded from RAAF
Hansen, Nora   Barrie, Ontario; provided background on her father, Stewart and introduced Art Jones to this project
Hayes, John Frederick (Arthur)  RAAF – India, early 1944, where he was seconded to RAFFC
Keith Louis Bate Hodson
Joan Hunter, daughter, Cyril Joseph Stamp
Huss, Oliver Simon  RAFFC Captain from North Dakota; 30 trips, lost at sea delivering a deHavilland Mosquito Monday, November 30th, 1942 – a lead from D. Jacklin, a member of the RAF Bircham Newton Memorial Project
Jardine, Adele Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, lead to Edison MacLennan
Jones, Alan  Kitchener, Ontario, son of Art Jones
Jones, R/O Art  RAFFC; age 92 (in 2015), Waterloo, Ontario, seconded from Royal Australian Air Force;
trained under British Commonwealth Air Training Plan as One-Tripper, joined pool of FC radio operators
Jones, Mickey  friend of Arthur Symons, RAFFC, Caribbean, a BOAC pilot
Kerkorian, Capt. Kirk  RAFFC Los Angeles, California; b June 6th, 1917, d June 16th, 2015 – 10 days into his 98th year
Kern, Ed  RAFFC, flew with Bidell
Kotsaftis, Charlie  Aunt is Thea Strassburg, uncle is Capt. George Evans, Charlie provided fascinating write-up on George
LaFlamme, Gerry  (maintenance), Ferry Command Association, Canadair
Landsell, Ed  many pix, RAFFC various bases
Lebeau, Ken  RAFFC, crewed with Willie Bidell, 1st Liberator delivery
Leeward, Capt. Albert  RAFFC brother of Ray Leeward, also RAFFC pilot
Leeward, John  son of Ray Leeward
Leeward-Zibelli, Linda Raye  daughter of Ray Leeward, see Joe Zibelli
Leeward, Ray  RAFFC pilot; Leeward brothers were pioneers in converting used bombers to business aircraft in the USA
Leigh, Frank
Lewis, Malcolm Wolverhampton, England, through Wick re Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees; RAF Squadron #269
Lilly, Capt. Al John KC  RAFFC test pilot, later chief test pilot, Canadair when it was owned by the Canadian government and the first Canadian jet pilot to break the sound barrier on Wed., August 9th, 1950, over Montréal
Littlejohn First Officer RAFFC, lead from Alex Bowie
Lothian, George  early ATFERO pilot, later Trans-Canada Air Lines
Lowman, Capt. Paul  Danish pilot, in 1938 he taught a lion how to aqua-plane, made headlines
MacGregor, Roderick from Burke, Paul Newman information
MacWilliams, Arthur Reginald from Terry Burke, Ireland – Paul Newman information
McClelland, Ken  seconded to RAFFC from RCAF, posted with his new bride, Edith Aitchison, in Nassau
MacLennan, Edison  lead from his niece, Adele Jardine
McNab, Ernest Archibald “PeeWee” DFC OBE  Squadron Leader, pilot seconded to RAFFC July 21st, 1942
NOTE FROM: http://flyingforyourlife.com/pilots/ww2/mc/mcnab/ website
“Other Canadians, members of the Royal Air Force, have already distinguished themselves and won coveted decorations … McNab is the first member of the RCAF to take to the skies against the Germans in this war.”
McTaggart-Cowan, Patrick  ATFERO – FC; noted Canadian meteorologist, stationed in Gander, Newfoundland, respectfully known as “Dr. McFog”
Masse, Roland  RAFFC, 1943 radio operator, lead from Gander Airport Historical Society – GAHS
Mattern, Jimmy delivered the Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees T9465 to Canada on Wed., Dec. 25th, 1940,
and also delivered the 1st and 1,000th Hudson bombers to Canada
Meagher, C.P.  RAFFC, radio operator, crew with Marco Polo
Mitchell, Kathy daughter, Gordon Upton
Moore, Bill  RAFFC pilot joined 1943, Lebanon, FL, USA
Mouligné, Dominique Agrinier  France – her father was Jean Mouligné
Mouligné, Jean  France – piloted 75 crossings as an aircrew member of the RAFFC
Nilson, Erik Douglas one of early civilians hired by Canadian Pacific Railway’s ATFERO
shift supervisor and civilian navigator / mechanic, one of few who told his family that he was sworn to secrecy, so he did not tell his family much at all about his service with the FC – see Linda Nilson-Rogers below
Nilson-Rogers, Linda  Mississippi Mills, ON – Canada, lead to her father, Erik Douglas Nilson
Pay, Leif Kaare from Paul Newman
Pangborn, Clyde Edward Senior RAFFC captain, delivered 170 bombers
Prater, Kenneth Albert Graham RAFFC, Warrant Officer, pilot, died in take-off crash in Cornwall, England, 1945
Reid, Jim at www.War44.com – his grandfather delivered fighters and Lancaster bombers
Roberts, Ian – NJ, USA, paramedic, son of Geoffrey A. S. Roberts,
Roberts, Geoffrey A. S. American FC pilot – one of the pilots assigned to the AL504 Commando and
Churchill on a number of occasions; began as a wireless operator for RAFFC
Rodgers, Alan  RAFFC, Flight Engineer, Otley, Yorkshire, England, the navigator on his aircraft was killed by
German anti-aircraft guns as his plane neared the coast of Normandy; its First Officer was wounded
Rodgers, Keith brother to Alan Rodgers, who researched about his brother, see Karen Frew-Thompson
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano American President at start of WW II
Russell, Ellspeth from Pierre Thiffault, she joined the ATA in Canada
Sarsfield, Anne civilian whose dad, John Redmond Sarsfield, was in RAFFC
Sarsfield, John Redmond  RAFFC
Saunders, Gordon  RAFFC, navigator, from The Contact, RCAF 8 Wing, Trenton, ON, Canada
Scott, Alex  RAF Squadron 269 in Wick, saw Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees – signatures on inside panels
Scouten, Bud   RAFFC, later Canadair test pilot
Scott, John R. (Maj., retired) 25 years RCAF, National Governor Air Cadet League of Canada, Chair Ontario Aviation Committee
Scouten, Jim son of Bud Scouten
Sellick, Larry Ottawa, ON, FC, instrument technician, FC 1942 – 1945,
and the ONLY teenager out of 14 teens recruited to serve a full apprenticeship within the RAFFC
Sherry, Owen Sat-July 4th, 1942 – fatal Mitchell Bomber FL 214 crash
Stamp, Cyril Joseph father of Joan Hunter
Stanley, M. J. C. Wing Commander, seconded to RAFFC from RAF
Stafford, E.  RAFFC, Captain, lead from Jacobus Maarschalkerweerd, Denmark
Stemson, Gord  RAFFC- aircrew, from Peter Dawson, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada – concerning an air search by aircraft crew on a Return Ferry Service – RFS – flight, looking for the German battleship Bismarck
Stockdill, George served with RAFFC in Gander, NL, Canada, and in Bermuda … from his daughter, Thea Strassburg, St. Louis, Missouri, aunt to Charlie Kotsaftis. Her grandfather was George Evans; she wrote about him on her Facebook Page, March 15th, 2014: My grandfather, George Evans, flew for the RAF Ferry Command. His plane disappeared into the Atlantic on July 4, 1945. Neither his plane nor any remnants of it were ever found.
Swanston, Barbara Campbell River, BC, Canada, leads to her dad, Kenneth Charles Young
Sundby, Charles Marinus  RAFFC Captain, promoted March 1943, 600 trips into China
Sundby, Eric Charles  nephew of Charles
Symons, Arthur Randy pilot seconded from RCAF, youngest of three Symons brothers who served with Ferry Command, friend of Mickey Jones, RAFFC, Caribbean
TeelCapt. Don  OBE, RAFFC Captain, info from Alex Bowie
Thiffault, Pierre Montréal, lead to ATA women pilot, Elspeth Russell; Pierre also provided information about a young RAFFC employee who fell from the bomb bay of a bomber, onto ice on Lake St. Louis – now Lac-St-Louis, QC, soon after the bomber took off from nearby Dorval airport, and survived.
Thompson, Keith  RAFFC, Flying Officer
Toombs, Robert  White Rock, BC, Canada, collector of RAFFC mailed envelopes
Traynor, Harry  RAFFC Captain
Tuchak, Myros  RAFFC – Flying Officer, commended for valuable services – lead from Air Force Association of Canada
Upton, Gordon  Navigator, RAFFC, seconded from the RAAF, married Elizabeth Easton; Kathy Mitchell, Australia, Gordon Upton’s daughter, provided the information
Varner, John  Special Collections & Archives, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, Ralph Brown Draughon Library Richard K. Smith papers
Walker, Bill  Canadian Military Aircraft Serials, http://www.rwrwalker.ca
White, Dorothy  wife of late George White, FAC RAFFC radio operator
Wright, RAFFC, FL Engineer, aircrew on Marco Polo
Wyndham, John Steen RAFFC, R/O, seconded from the Canadian Infantry Corps, Boucherville, QC and Gander, NL
Young, Kenneth Charles trained under the BCATP in Canada, seconded from Royal Australian Air Force
to FC, from daughter Barbara Swanston
Zibelli, Joe put me in contact with his former wife, Linda Raye Leeward-Zibelli, leading to the Leeward family




Jacobus Maarschalkerweerd, lead to Capt. E. Stafford



George Matt, designer – confirming a plaque commemorating – without an arrival date – the Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees T9465 Hudson bomber gift from the Lockheed and Vega aircraft manufacturing plant and their 18,000 employees to the City of London. See also Witnesses



Roderick B. Goff, weatherman in Gander, NL in December, 1940, (age 98 in 2015) witness to T9465, Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees runway crash, and author, Crossroads of the World: Recollections from an Airport Town. While not an eye-witness per se, he was told about the non-fatal crash. Roderick, was the weather forecaster on duty the night of Saturday, Dec. 29th, 1940 when this aircraft tried to take off on a flight to London, England. He had left his office for the night and in passing the air traffic control room, was told by the air traffic controllers on duty about the crash that had just taken place.

Gerry Harmann, 1986, Sicamous, BC, lead to his father, Ivan
Ivan Harmann, 1986, Westbank, BC and RCAF Gander, NL
After reading the author’s original manuscript covering the life of the late Sheldon Luck, Walking on Air, Mr. Harmann said he was moved by the three chapters in that book dealing with the Ferry Command and decided to donate a broken propeller tip which he said he had sawed off from the wreckage of Hudson bomber, T9465, The Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees, the morning after it crashed. He was an RCAF mechanic at the time, and had been instructed to clean up the wreck on the runway on which T9465 had tried to take off for a flight to London, England. The Lockheed and Vega aircraft manufacturing companies in Los Angeles, California, and their 18,000 employees had donated this aircraft to the folks of London as a morale-boosting gift. They knew that Londoners were going through a merciless bombing by the German air force, which came to be known as the Blitz of London. This aircraft did NOT arrive the following day, as had been hoped, but one bearing the same name, and containing a few of the panels from the original, signed by some employees, showed up in Wick, Scotland in March, 1941: its story is told in Book 1 of this quartet – Earth Angels Rising.

Elmer McClelland, Emerson, MB, Canada, child witness of the January 1940 horse-towing of bombers from USA to Canada. This was a lead from his cousin, retired Emerson school teacher James McClelland.


To view the list of RAFFC Aircrew Mentioned in Ferry Command Pilot by Don McVicar compiled by Donna McVicar Kazo, click on the drop-down menu for “People & Sources”

To view the list of RAFFC Aircrew Mentioned in South Atlantic Safari by Don McVicar compiled by Donna McVicar Kazo, click on the drop-down menu for “People & Sources”


Adams, P.G
Adams, Ralph E.
Adams, W.J.
Adamson, Mark T.
Adlmann, E.K. “Red”
Affleck, John
Agnew, C.
Ainslie, R.W.
Aird, H.T.
Albulet, Steve
Alexander, John
Allen, Mrs. H.T.
Allen, Capt. R. “Dick”
Anderson, G/C David F.
Anderson, F. McLean
Anderson, Lorne
Anderson, W.J.
Anderson, Wm. Ray
Andrew, Capt. A.
Andrew, Matt
Andrews, A.C.
Angle, Mrs. Jessie
Anglin, W.G.
Archer, R.W.
Archibald, D. Harry & Pat
Armitage, F.H.
Armstrong, Arnold
Arnaud, Frank
Arpin, Robert
Ashenden, G.H.
Atkinson, Charlie
Atkinson, J. Maynard
Atwell, Al
August, Archie
August, Harold
Avent, J.L.
Avey, Reg.
Baskerville, W.H.
Baskett, C.A.
Batter, Bill
Battison, John H.
Baumann, Alex J.
Baxter, E.L.
Beattie, S.P.
Beauchamp, Jack
Beigden, G.
Bell, Capt. W.R.
Bendall, E.W.
Bennett, A/V/M D.C.T.
Bennett, Gordon W.
Benson, Capt. E.N.
Bernard, Claude
Bernard, Paul
Berry, C.M.
Berry, James A.
Best, Gordon L.
Bevington, R.C.
Bewshea, Paul E.
Bindon, H.H.
Birch, Mrs. Mary
Bird, Jim
Birrell, Mrs. Norman
Bishop, Allan
Bishop, John W.
Bissell, E.G.
Bisson, John E.
Bisson, Louis
Blackwood, Al J.
Blakely, Lawson
Blanchette, B.
Blandford, Sydney
Bligh, F.L.
Blockley, Capt. Ted
Boczkowski, S.A.
Boileau, Rod J.
Boechler, Kasper
Boles, M.A. “Mel”
Bounds, Kelly
Bowen, Harold J.
Bown, C.J.
Boyle, Miss S.E.M.
Braidwood, Ken L.
Braithewaite, Campbell
Brant, C.M.
Brenchley, G/C A.D.
Brennand, Bill
Briggs, C.W.
Bridgeford, Wm.
Brockocki, K.
Brodie, John
Browder, Capt. E.
Brown, Mrs. E. “Hazel”
Brown, John
Brown, Nelson E.
Brown, Norman A.
Browne, K.C.
Brunei, J. Ray
Bryant, Capt. F.M. Jr.
Buchanan, Mrs. Mary C.
Buckley, Doug
Buckley, George M.
Bullock, D.L.
Burdon, D.
Burgess, F.H.
Burgess, Capt. J.W.
Burns, Gavin S.
Burton, John
Buxton, Gordon H.
Caban, Bill
Caddick, W.
Campbell, W.G. “Bill”
Campbell, John
Cardiff, Capt. Don L.
Carley, A.R.”Ted”
Carlisle, Grafton
Carroll, Capt. A.M.
Cauley, Al
Cewinski, R.B.
Chalmers, Mrs. John (Maddy Johnson)
Chambers, Ken
Champness, G.A.
Chandler, R.W.
Charbonneau, Ben
Charette, Rosaria
Chardon, A.
Charleson, J.C.
Chartier, V.J.
Chase-Cagrain, T.
Chatel, Capt. Andre
Chermoz, J.
Chetowkski, Henry
Child, A.J.
Childs, Charles A.
Chipman, G.F.
Chown, T.L.
Clark, Dave
Clark, T.L.
Clarke, E.
Clarke, John W.
Clarke, W.P.N.
Clarkson, Don V.
Cleven, O.
Clifford, L.
Cochrane, Vince & Ruth
Coe, Ed
Coffman, R.
Colahan, Tommy
Cole, Vic
Coleman, Al
Collie, H.M.
Collins, C.J. “Buck”
Colthorpe, Frank
Condon, K. Barre
Connolly, R.E.
Cook, John E.
Cook, M.R.D.
Cook, W.A.
Cooley, Capt. Ralph
Coote, A.C.L.
Copeland, J. Frank
Coristine, Ed
Corley, Lorne F.
Cormier, Edouard
Cormier, Eddy
Coughlan, Frank W.
Coughlin, F.
Coulombe, Miss Dorothy
Cowan, Henry
Craig, W/C R.M.
Craske, Peter
Cripps, R.G.
Cripps, Trevor
Cronin-Young G.L.
Cross, Mrs. Frank
Cross, Norman
Cross, R.
Croucher, W.T.
Crowe, Jerry
Cummings, Lou M.
Cunliffe, T.J.J.
Cunningham, William J.
Curran, Mrs. Doris
Curtis, E.P.
Cuthbert, C.
Daly, Mrs. Lois
Dance, J.W.
Dansereau, Hubert
Dark, C.T.
Dark, C.T.
Davey, Mr. & Mrs. V.
Davis, Tom
Daoud, H.T.
Dawson, K.J.
Day, Mrs. L.W.P.
Dean, Maurice
De Keyser, Capt. O.
Delgaty, F.X.
Delisle, George
Dell, Victor
Del Rizzo, Paul
Delworth, David J.
Denard, T.
Dench, T.W.
Dennis, A.F. “Pat”
Devonish, George
Dickins, C.H. “Punch”
Dillon, C.H.
Ditton, E.
Dobbin, Capt. C.R.
Dodds, C.L.
Dolan, Mrs. J.G.
Donaldson, L.G.
Donohue, W.D.
Doreen, J.L.
Douglas, Bruce
Douglas, Capt. Don W.
Doutre, Alan A.
Doutre, Gerry
Dow, R.W.
Downey, S.
Doyle, C.F. “Bob”
Doyle, W.J.
Draper, Mrs. Lawrence
Dryburgh, Gordon
Drysdale, D.J.
Duigan, B.J.
Dunford, Eric
Dupre, Lionel
Dyck, D.C.
Dykeman, E.G.
Eagles, Leonard R.
Earle, Sid
Edgar, Norman
Edge, N.F.
Edwards, Vic
Elias, John
Ellis, G.D.
Ellis, Keith
Elliston, Norman
Elston, C.J.
English, Harold E.
Erdelyi, W.D.
Erdmann, Henry E.
Escaravage, Andy
Evans, Bert
Evans, Evan
Everard, Marcel A.
Ewert, Dave
Eyles, R.M.
Eyre, F.C.
Fairbank, David F.
Fairley, Ted S.
Farran, Ray W.
Fennell, E.
Fennell, J.J.
Fenwick, T.A.
Fergus, Mrs. P.M.
Fennessey, H.H.
Ferguson, Doug J.
Ferguson, M.S.
Ferrier, R.H. “Dick”
Finch, John W.
Finlay, L.B.
Fitzgerald, Jack
Fitzgibbon, Bazil
Fitspatrick, F.M.
Flanagan, Mrs. Doris
Follers, R.C.
Forbes, Alex F.
Forbes, W.G.
Forrest, J. Fred
Forrester, Manny
Forsythe, Dr. R.G.
Fossett, Mr. & Mrs. F.N.
Fox, Frank
Francis, W.E.
Franklin, W.G. “Bill”
Fraser, J.R.
Fraser, Stan
Frechette, Marcel
Freckleton, Lloyd
Frederick, L.C.
Freestone, C.E.
Freitag, Ernest
Frost, Capt. Bernard C. OBE
Fry, Arthur J.
Fry, Earle
Fuller, W.
Fulton, A.K.
Galbraith, E.W.
Gampel, Pete
Gardiner, A.A.
Gardner, J.R.
Gareau, Paul
Garneau, Charles E.
Gascoigne, John
Gauthier, Louis
Gentry, Dick
Geoziorowski, M.
Gerow, J.Sid
Gibbon, John
Gibbons, Harry
Gibbs, Albert
Gibson, J.H.
Gill, E. Maurice
Gill S. George
Gillespie, G.M. “Butch”
Gillespie, W.W.
Ginn, J. Percy
Glasheen, V.W.
Godette, J.H.
Golland, Art
Goodyear, Ray
Gollop, Jack H.
Gore, Philip
Gorman, Hugh
Gordon, H.G.
Gragg, Robert O.
Graham, Frank
Graham, L.L. “Roy”
Graham, Stuart
Granger, F.M.
Grant, Alden S.
Gray, J.W.
Gray, L.F.
Green, A.E. “Jim”
Green, E.A. “Scotty”
Green, G.A.
Green, Hughie
Green, Leslie W.
Green, S.J.
Greenamyer, A.E. “Art”
Greenaway, N. “Ted”
Greenlaw, J.N.
Greenslade, Charles
Griffiths, L.C.
Griffiths, Philip
Grigsby, Earl
Grimes, Harry
Grocott, Air Commodore D.F.H.
Grover, N.R.
Grublak, Mrs. Olga
Grycin, Nick
Guindon, Hector
Gustafson, Eric
Gyuricsko, Bill
Haaker, G.L.
Hagger, E.L.W.
Hajdukiewicz, E.
Haldimand, W.
Hall, E.P.
Hallas, S.
Hambling, Hugh
Hamel, Jim
Hamer, Sam T.
Hanson, O.H. “Jack”
Hardhan, H.G.
Hardy, John
Harland, Capt. Dennis
Harper, C.M.
Harris, C.
Harris, G.C.
Harris, Ken
Harris, W.L. “Smokey”
Hartrick, George
Hass, Rudy
Hatton, W.
Hay, Wally
Hayden, R.M. “Rod”
Hayes, H.I.
Healey, G.R.
Heinrich, Mrs. H.J.
Helliwell, D.
Henderson, R.J.
Henderson, W.K.
Hermann, Capt. Jack
Hersam, G.A.
Hetrick, Miss Claire
Hewes, Capt. B. Vic
Hickman, E. Roy
Hill, John F.
Hill, Mary Elizabeth
Hirons, Arthur R.
Hobbs, Roger
Hodge, W.G.
Hodgson, Ron
Hoffman, Norman
Holdridge, W.R.
Holland, Anthony
Holmes, W.F.
Holt, Arthur
Hood, Jack
Hood, Capt. M.D.S.
Hooper, S.
Hooper, W.
Hotson, Fred W.
Houser, Carl
Howse, Bill
Hoy, William F.
Hudson, H.R.
Hudson, Ken J.
Hudson, Syd
Hughes, R.M. “Bob”
Hull, John
Humphrys, Mrs. C.V.
Hunt, Tom
Hunter, C. Scotty
Hurter, Mrs. Agnes
Huston, Capt. Herb
Hutchison, John
Ifould, Lloyd C.
Illingworth, R.A.
Ilott, George W.
Inglis, John
Irwin, Ken
Ivey, Mrs. J.
Jackson, G.
Jacobs, Dr. R.S.
James, James S.
Janishevski, Miss E.
Jarrard, Newton
Jarrett, E.T.
Jaumoulle, Capt. Fernand
Jedlund, Russ
Jeffs, G/C James
Jellett, Alf F.
Jenkins, Henry C.M.
Jodlowski, Jan
Johns, Robert G.
Johnson, Mrs. Maddy
Johnston, D.A.


llff JONES, A.E.

Jones, Bruce
Jones, Mrs. Ethel
Jones, E.D.
Jones, E.G.
Jones, George
Jones, H.S. “Jonesie”
Jones, L.L. “Slim”
Jones, O.P.
Jonikas, Capt. M, DFC
Jubb, N. “Jimmy”
Kazmarek, K.
Kallina, E.F.
Kane, C.
Keddie, Morgan
Keefer, R.G.
Kelloway, Mr.s R.W. (Hill)
Kelly, Mrs. Bernard
Kennedy, W.T. “Bill”
Kennedy, Darcy
Kerkorian, Kirk
Kerland, Harold
Kern, Edward
Kernaghan, W/C S.H.
Kidd, R.M. “Bill”
Killips, Capt. Clifford B.
King, A.M.
King, A.K.
King, J.R.R.
Kingdon, Mrs. Irene
Klessig, C.G.
Knox, Capt. W. Duncan
Koenen, H.
Kohn, J.F.S.
Kowalski, M.R. “Mike”
Kubacki, Max
Kyle, Mrs. Madeleine J. (Banks)
Lackenbauer, O.A. “Locky”
LaGrave, G.E. “Gerry”
Laing, G.H.
Lajambe, E.J.
Lake, Harold J. “Lofty”
Lalor, R.
Lambert, John C.
Lamoureux, M.
Lamplough, F.
Lamplugh, Brian
Landry, Albert A.
Lane, Sandy
Lange, C.C.
Large, Geoffrey
LaRiviere, Phil
Latremoille, Chic
Latulippe, Marcel
Latus, Alex
Lavery, W.R.
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, Phil
Lawrence, Victor
Lawton, A.W.
Leahy, Eric
Leak, James W.
Learmont, Gordon
Lee, Alfred T.
Lee, Capt. Naron “Smokey”
Leeward, Ray J.
Lesage, Lloyd
Leigh, J.D. “Dick”
Leslie, J.S.
Leslie, Capt. Ralph B.
Lewinski, J.
Lewis, Don R.
Lewis, Frank
Lewis, Wally
L’Heureux, G.
Lilly, A.J. “Al”
Littlejohn, D.
Lockard, Porter
Lockett, A.E.
Lockett, Charlie
Lockie, Robert
Lohnes, Warren A.R.
Long, A.G.
Longhurst, Bill
Longmore, Mrs. S.
Loraine, Capt. A.C.
Lothian, G.B.
Loughridge, Al
Loveday, Capt. H.
Loveridge, J.P.
Lovis, J.V.H.
Lowman, Paul L.
Lucas, F.J.
Lucas, Norm
Luck, Capt. Sheldon
Lund, C.A.
Lymburner, J.H. “Red”
Lynch, Leo
Lynn, Gordon
Lothian, George
Madeleine, Capt. L.A.
Maher, John
Mair, Lyle
Maitland, J.O.
Maki, Vic
Makowski, Col. W.
Manning, Capt. G.A.
Manwaring, A.H.
Marcus, Ralph A.
Marshall, Fraser
Marshall, Jim
Martin, Alex
Martin, Mrs. R.S.
Mason, Don L.
Mastro, Don O.
Matheson, D.E. “Dune”
Matthews, Doug
Maxwell, John
May, Leonard
May, Capt. W.S. “Bill”
Maynard, Charles W.
Meagher, J.A.
Merrigan, L.J.
Meyers, Skip
Merta, Adolph
Millar, A.G. “Sandy”
Miller, William
Milne, George J.
Mirepoix, C.H. de Levis
Mitchell, D.J.
Mitchell, Philip B.
Mitchell, Thomas (Michnevitch)
Moe, Frank L.
Montgomery, Murray
Moody, E. Humphrey
Moody, Hunter
Moon, Clyde
Moon, Harold
Moore, John
Moore, W.G.
Morden, Capt. J.C.
Moreau, Don
Morgan, Alex B.
Morrison, F.G.
Morrow, Lloyd
Moseley, Doug
Mouligne, Capt. Jean M.
Mouradick, Cad
Munn, Clifford
Munro, John
Munro, R.D. “Dick”
Munro, R.J.
Murphey, Erie D.
Murphy, John E.
Murphy, J. Patrick
Murray, A.
Murray, Omar “Bill”
Muszynski, Klem
Myers, A.H.
Myscough, Mrs. M.
MacDonald, B.T.
MacDonald, L.J. “Scotty”
MacDonald, S.A.
MacDonald, W.A.R.
MacFarlane, Hugh J.
MacGillivray, Ron
MacGregor, M.
Mackay, John A.
Mackay, Tudor
Mackay, F.G.
Mackewicz, Mrs. Helen
Mackey, J.C.
MacKinlay, F.R.
MacKinnon, Norman
MacLaren, W.J.
Maclennan, Ed. M.
Macleod, M.E.
MacPherson, Gordon
Macvey, Edwin F.
Macvey, N.W.
McBride, Larry
MacCarragher, Pat
McCarter, Ronald
McCarthy, F.S.
McClellan, Donald
McClelland, A. Glen
McCormack, Mrs. F.
McCoy, Ernest F.
McCoy, James E.
McCready, F.A.
McCutcheon, Clinton
McDonald, K.J.
McDonald, John
McDonald, W.H.
McDougall, G/C/ G.S.
McGiffin, Miss Nina
McGrail, John J.M.
McGrath, T.M.
McIlroy, Earl. W.
McInnis, Gordon
McKaye, James A.
McKaye, J.A.
McKenna, W.M. “Bill”
McKercher, Pete
McKillop, Douglas
McKinnon, D.J.
McLaughlin, Dr. J.C.P.
McLean, Eric
McLean, Jack
McLean, John C. “Red”
McMonagle, W.J.
McMullen, G.F.
McNaughton, Mrs. I.D.
McNeely, Frank
McRae, A.G.
McRae, Donald F.
McRobb, James
McSherry, J.R.
McTaggart-Cowan, Dr. Patrick D.
McVicar, Capt. Don KC OBE
Nabozniak, Mrs. Stella
Nagurney, Peter
Nash, Jim
Nash, Roy D.
Nay, Ralph
Neelin, D.H.
Nettleton, Graham
Neidy, Fred
Neidy, John
Nelson, Erik
Nelson, V.N.
Nelson, W.
Nesbitt, W.L.
New, Fred
Newby, H.W. “Hank”
Newlove, Stan
Nicholson, A.M.
Nicholson, F.R.
Nilson, E.D.
Nixon, J. Ross
Norton, Larry
Norton, Jack B.
Oberdorf, George
O’Brien, Lobby
O’Byrne, V.W.M. “Kim”
Ochalski, J.
O’Connor, C. Ward
O’Heron, F.A.
Oliver, Everett H.
Olivier, H.L.
O’Neill, John H.
Orr, Alex
Orr, Mrs. Mary (O’Connor)
Orr, Mrs. Allan V. (Pauline Shea)
Orr, William
Ortman, Mrs. Earl
Orvig, Mrs. S.
Osborne, Mrs. Agnes
Ouellette, Romeo
Ours, Joe
Owen, Capt. Douglas
Owen, Trevor
Palaisy, Charlie
Palmer, A.I.M.
Palmer, Bert
Palmer, E.C.
Palmer, J.E.
Parent, W.K.
Parker, King, Jr.
Parkin, A.H.
Parnell, R.
Parsons, H.J.
Partridge, A.R. “Percy”
Pashleigh, Jack C.
Patterson, Mrs. Maryette (Ortman)
Patterson, H.J. Trevor
Paul, Alex
Pavia, Thomas
Pawlikowski, Dr. J.
Pearce, W.G.
Pearson, Dr. W.B.
Peck, C.
Pedwell, S.
Percy, Capt. J.T.
Perlick, R.E. “Bob”
Peters, Capt. W.J.
Perry, Carl M.
Phillips, G.H.R.
Phoenix, M.E.
Piatkowski, R.G.
Pichnej, Adam
Pierce, Jack
Piercey, Capt. R.
Pierson, Claude
Placentine, John F. “Jack”
Poole, Albert
Potter, J.K.
Powell, Air Commodore Griffith J. “Taffy”
Priestly, G.V.
Priestman, P.E. “Paddy”
Primeau, Gerry
Primrose, Dr. T.
Pritchard, Capt. Eric
Proctor, Capt. J.
Provinski, Luke
Prowse, Capt. B.O.
Pryde, Walters
Puckey, Allan G.
Purnell, Clyde
Pustowka, Karol
Quick, Capt. William E.
Rabbitts, Leslie A.
Rae, R.J. “Bob”
Ramey, Harold
Ramsay, J.M.
Raybould, J.H.
Raymer, K.R.
Raymond, B.E.
Read, Mrs. Mildred
Read, Charles
Rector, Charles
Redshaw, John
Redston, Reg. W.
Reid, Capt. J. “Wendy”
Renaud, J.P.
Rennie, R.S. “Bob”
Retallack, John L.
Reynolds, J.
Riley, Mrs. Grace
Rimpeau, Capt. W.T.
Ritchie, Bob & Ruth
Roberts, C.K.
Roberts, Ernest V.
Roberts, G.A.S.
Robertson, A.D.C.
Robinson, Miss Shirley
Rodger, J.W.
Rodreguez, Abelarado
Rogers, Donald H.
Rogers, Kelly
Rondeau, H. Lloyd
Rood, J.L.
Roper, W.V.
Rosenfield, Walter A. Jr.
Ross, Jay
Ross, Mrs. Polly Potter
Ross, J.E.
Roy, Armand
Ruggles, Jack
Rush, Eric N.
Russell, Mrs. J.
Russell, Robert
Ryan, A.F.
Rychlicki, B.
Rylski, Z.
Sabourin, J.C.H.
Sampson, Lloyd & Helen
Sansom, B.A.S.
Sandager, Capt. I.N.
Sarsfield, Redmond
Saunders, M.J.
Schussler, Walter E.
Schweitzer, Eugene H.
Scott, J.W. Glenn
Scott, Capt. Stuart W.A.
Scott, Walter A.
Scouten, James “Bud”
Scrim, R.
Seels, Henry
Sellars, G. “Buster”
Sellick, L.A.
Sendall, Gary
Seneca, Louis
Severin, H. “Hank”
Sharp, Victor
Sharpe, A.J.
Sharpe, C.C.
Sharpe, Victor P.
Shelly, H.E.
Sherrer, D.
Sherval, Alec H.
Shirley, George
Short, R.H. “Bob”
Sieger, Henry
Sim, Tom
Simmons, Martin
Simonson, L.
Sims, A.G. “Tim”
Siple, D.W.
Sladen, J. Larry
Slaght, H.A.
Sliker, Ford
Slough, Harvey
Smiley, Val
Smith, E.L.A.
Smith, Fred
Smith, Gordon R.
Smith, John M.
Smith, N.V.J.
Smith, S.J.
Snider, Arthur “Russ”
Snow, Ronald E.
Sokolowski, J.
Souers, Bob
Speedy, R. Aubrey
Spence, A.W.
Spence, Wm. B.
Spencer, Harry F.
Stack, Leo
Stafford, R.R.
Stanley, R.N.
Stark, A.P.
Staskow, Frank J.
Steedman, Miss D.
Steels, Ted
Steinhouse, Herbert
Stemson, Gordon
Stephens, J.U.
Stevenson, Victor J.
Stewart, A.W.
Stewart, Carl
Stewart, Capt. Ed
Stewart, Capt. Gordon
Stewart, W. Laing
Stuart, Leslie J.
Sullivan, M.J.
Sweetnam, A.G.
Swida, Stanislaw
Syme, R.D.
Szuba, F.
Tanner, Larry A.
Taras, Mike
Tarte, Mrs. Donald (Wayne Poston)
Taschereau, Col. Henry
Taylor, Peter J.
Taylor, Peter L.
Taylor, Ray F.
Taylor, Mrs. Shirley
Teel, Capt. Don
Tennant, Dave
Tetreailt, Jean
Tetreault, Albert
Teulon, Arthur P.
Tracker, R.
Thatcher, Reg. G.
Thompson, E.L.
Thompson, W.S. “Bill”
Thorburn, R.
Tinker, George
Tobin, Capt. Gilbert
Toby, Kenneth Arthur
Toliver, Raymond F.
Torak, Mrs. E. (Peggy)
Traynor, Harry
Trudeau, Ray
Tutt, George
Uprichard, S/L W.G.
Uren, Capt. J.G.
Vaillancourt, B.
Valentine, David
Valiquet, J. Victor
VanDerKloot, William J. “Bill”
Voorhees, Glen
Waggoner, H.B.
Walker, G.
Walker, Mrs. L.J.
Walker, Robert A.
Walker, W.S.
Wallace, D.B.
Wallner, J.P. “Joe”
Walsh, Gerry
Ware, Commander E. Morris
Wark, Brig. Gen. K.A.
Warner, Ken W.
Warner, Norman A.
Warren, Henry E.
Warriner, Lloyd
Watson, E.P. “Ted”
Wattier, G.
Watts, W.
Weaver, A.L.
Weaver, Mrs. Virginia
Webb, Howard
Webb, Ron
Weir, G.
Weitzner, Max
Westmacott, R.A. “Tony”
Wheeler, Lloyd & Lillian
Whipps, W.
White, Mrs. Ann
White, George,
White, R.S.
Whiteside, Mrs. Iris
Whittingham, R.S.
Wightman, H.G.
Wilkes, Norman
Williams, Steve
Williams, T.G.
Willet, R.D.
Wilson, Alan G.
Wilson, Charlie “Bill”
Wilson, H.M.
Wilson, Penn
Wilson, Capt. J.N.
Wilson, T.
Wilson, W.P.
Winchcombe, Mrs. C. (Millicent)
Winter, G.P.
Winters, George A.
Wood, Albert
Wood, John B. “Sam”
Woodman, Capt. John
Workman, Ken
Wright, Alex
Wright, F. Alan Jr.
Wright, Capt. J.A.
Wyman, L.B. “Yogi”
Wyndham, J.S. “Jake”
Yeager, Floyd W. “Bud”
Young, Jack J.
Young, T. Henry
Zimmer, Paul
Zimmerman, Paul

End of names of active members



Applebee, S.
Anderson, Capt. Don, BOAC
Authier, E.A.
Bach, Capt. Roy
Balchen, Capt. Bernt
Barnett, R/O Frank K.
Baughan, Capt. C.C.
Beck, J.M. Gr. Crew
Betteley, T.A. Gr. Crew
Bishop, Gordon H. Operations
Boyd, David
Brammer, R/O S.E.
Brown, W.
Buchanan, Ralph G. Civilian Personnel Mgr.
Burke, Capt. Carl F.
Campbell, R/O R.A. “Pop”
Campbell, R/O T.F.
Caron, Herb Gr. Crew
Carrier, R/O Charlie S.
Clegg, Capt. H.
Colligan, James RCAF
Cooke, R/O J.R.
Cross, R/O Frank
Crone, Lome
Cunningham, W/C G.C. “Jock” R/O
Dalton, Capt. Jack
Davidson, Capt. Walt
Dawley, Howard Gr. R/O
De la Rosiere, Capt. Dick, Air France
Eby, R/O M. Clayton
Evans, R/O A.L. “Dolph”
Fernet, Capt. A
Filtness, R/O R.G.
Fitzpatrick, J.J. Claims Dept.
Flood, George RCAF-WAG
Foord, Gordie Gr. Crew
Ford, F/E Bill
Foreman, Capt. C.C.
Fowlie, R. Gr. Crew
France, Jack RCAF Nav.
Franklin, Capt. Ben
Gillis, F/E Cleo
Gore, R/O Frank J.
Greenwood, R/O Arthur
Hawthorne, Capt. Frank
Henderson, Capt. R. “Bob” J.
Highfield, R/O Harry
Hightower, Capt. Edward W.
Hindmarsh, George
Holley, Capt. James
Holmes, R/O Russell N.
Hotti, F/E Larry
Jarvis, R/O D.B.
Johnsen, R/O G.L. “Fred”
Kilfoyle, Russel Gr. Crew
LaPalm, Capt. Ken
LaVoie, Rene Gr. Crew
LeCavalier, Capt. Air France
Leeward, Capt. Al
Lewin, R/O Vic
Lunan, D. Stan Radio main.
MacWilliams, R/O A. Reg.
Martin, R/O Maurice A.
Marvin, R/O Daniel P.
McDonald, F/O A.F. “Sandy”
MacGillivray, Jock A.
McGarr, Arthur E.
McKeen, Capt. M.
McMann, R/O A. Len
McNeal, Capt. C.N.
MacLeod, F/E Kenneth
MacLeod, Marjorie office
Messenger, Capt. Buddy BOAC
Morrison, R/O R.P. “Bob”
Musker, F/E Leslie
Noland, Algy
North, Capt. Gerry
O’Brien, R/O Kevin J.
Odum, Capt. Bill
Ortman, Capt. Earl
Pangborn, Capt. Clyde
Parkinson, Capt. Jack T.
Peacock, Cyril RAF
Penn, Capt. Tom B.
Pentland, Capt. Charles
Perkins, W.W. RCAF
Pigeon, Capt. George R.
Pollock, R/O Gerry L.
Poston, Capt. Wayne
Price, Ted Crew Assignments
Pulford, F/E Louis BOAC
Pullman, R/O Jake
Raine, R/O Douglas “Snowy” BOAC
Ramsay, Ron RAAF
Reiss, Capt. Stewart A.
Rennie, R/O Dave BOAC
Resseguier, Capt. W.L.
Richards, Capt. Steve A.
Riopel, Aime Gr. Crew
Ross, Capt. Carl
Roy, Albany Gr. Crew
Runciman, W.B. Gr. Crew
Sandison, Capt. A.G.
Sharp, Capt. A. Jack
Shreve, R/O Jack F.
Siple, Capt. Wallace
Skepelhorn, F/E Mike BOAC
John, Capt. Jim
Slawiec, Capt. Stanley, Polish Air Force
Sparks, F/E
Spencer, Gordon, Accounting Dept.
Stack, F/E Victor
Stophlet, Capt. R.B.
Taylor, Ernie
Thompson, Capt. Jake
Tripp, R/O C.M. “Curly”
Tupper R/O Fred R.
Unwin, Lawrence B. CPR
Wade, Capt. J.
Weaver, R/O Joe E.
Weaver, R/O R.W. “Dusty”
Wilcockson, Capt. A.S. BOAC
Wilkie, Capt. Donald BOAC
Wilkins, R.A. “Bob” RCAF, Nav.
Williams, Capt. Norm
Wong, F/E Wilbur
Wootton, Capt. Gilbert
Young, R/O J.B.E. ATA, BOAC
Young, Kenneth C. RAAF