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Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Canadian Pacific Railway
Sir Edward Wentworth Beatty, President
Punch Dickens: Prior to the Second World War Dickens became the general superintendent for CPR’s airline division. When war began he headed the first organization to set up what became the Ferry Command.
Bob Kennell: (Retired) Manager, Canadian Pacific Archives & Product Licensing



Jacobus Maarschalkerweerd, lead to Capt. E. Stafford


Brendan M. Rohan, Commandant, Irish Army – Retired
Corcreggan Mill, Dunfanaghy, County Donegal
“Irish Tribute Trumps Political Difficulties”
Brendan set up a well-received 2014 tribute with a monument to a 1942 FC Hudson bomber aircrew, whose American pilot, Ernest Lloyd Leak, was forced to land on a local beach due to low fuel. One of his crew members was Radio Operator and Air Gunner, Flight Sergeant Karl Edward Dzinkowski, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This event was attended by, among others, RCAF Lt. Col. Steve Allen, acting Canadian Military Attaché, and Dzinkowski`s daughter, Ramona Dzinkowski, Campbellville, Ontario, Canada



From Burma to Berlin: The Development of U.S. Air Transport 1938-1949
Benjamin Johnson


This thesis was written to fulfill Mr. Johnson’s requirements for his degree in Master of the Arts, with a major in History. Although the RAFFC is not mentioned specifically, it discusses the ferrying route from the US through the Canadian Arctic through Greenland and Iceland. It was uploaded December 2014.

This work examines the development of U.S. military airlift from unproven curiosity to a transformative system of technologies, tactics and logistical support which enabled the United States to engage diplomatic and military scenarios around the world. Through an examination of contemporary reports, technological advances and statistical analyses of airlift practices it is shown that the period of 1938-1949 witnessed a greatleap in tactical and technological innovation within the U.S. air transport community.

Virtual Wings
Oneonta, NY- USA
Paul F. Straney, re T9465, Spirit of Lockheed-Vega Employees paint schemes

Lockheed Martin
Bethesda, Maryland
Karen Hagar and Laura Siebert, public relations