Finding Aids

This website serves as the introduction of my newest book, for which the manuscript is now in its final edit stages – titled Earth Angels Rising.

It is the first of three stand-alone books which tell many of the stories to be found within and from the Royal Air Force’s Ferry / Transport Command operation of WW II – the FC/TC.

And what’s this Ferry Command set of books all about?

It’s about hundreds of the more than 3,500 unarmed, non-uniformed and non-insurable civilians, all sworn to secrecy (title of second book) who, in 1939, started coming from 23 allied nations to successfully pioneer the air ferrying of a total of 9,442 unarmed bombers, mostly American-built, some Canadian-built, across the then uncharted, unknown skies of the North Atlantic Ocean.

They flew them from Newfoundland, a British Dominion until Thursday, March 31st, 1949 when it became the 10th Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Early in WW II, England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill dubbed this island “the biggest aircraft carrier in the world’s oceans.”

England needed these aircraft in a hurry and the only way to do that quickly was to fly them across the North Atlantic to England, considered by “experts” as plainly suicidal and doomed to failure.

They overcame this mindset of failure by creating and sustaining, with a remarkably low loss of aircraft, but at a high loss of at least 500 lives, the Royal Air Force’s Ferry Command – later re-structured and re-named Transport Command.

The book titles are:
# 1 – Earth Angels Rising – a literary hitch-hiker’s guide to the FC / TC
# 2 – Sworn to Secrecy
# 3 – Ferry Command Teenager



Royal Air Force Ferry Command Finding Aids by Ted Beaudoin These FINDING AIDS can help thousands in many countries who would like to know more about this operation, for one reason or another; maybe because some member of his or her family was involved in its creation and operation, whether as a civilian who volunteered …

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FILM, TELEVISION, THEATRES, MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS, PUBLISHERS CANADA CBC Originally aired: The Forgotten Flyers of WW II, 2006 (see Pope Productions, below) Gander Beacon, Gander, NL Brandon Anstey, Reporter; Kevin Higgins, Editor Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton, ON Archives Montreal Mosaic WebMagazine, Dorval, QC Alain Jarry, historian – Beverley Rankin, Dorval City representative NetLetter …

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AUSTRALIA Trove Free service, no fees or subscription needed. “Find and get over 454,603,361 Australian and online resources.”   CANADA Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Canadian Pacific Railway Sir Edward Wentworth Beatty, President Punch Dickens: Prior to the Second World War Dickens became the general superintendent for CPR’s airline division. When war began he …

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CANADA Alberta Aviation Museum & Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society 11410 Kingsway Ave., Edmonton, Alberta T5G 0X4 Jim Coutts, Editor, In Formation newsletter Bomber Command Museum of Canada 1729 – 21st Ave., Nanton, Alberta Curator: Bob Evans – volunteer: permissions from him and the author, Clarence Simonsen to reproduce Mr. Simonsen’s article on the …

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Organizations/Air Services

ORGANIZATIONS: CANADA Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame PO Box 6090 – Wetaskiwin, Alberta  T9A 2E8 17 of its 240 members in 2015 were with the FC David Crone, former curator, Mary Oswald, former editor of the CAHF newsletter The Flyer Harry Hayward, volunteer Dorval Historical Society Centre communautaire Sarto Fournier, 1335 Lakeshore Drive, Dorval, …

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People & Sources

PEOPLE FEATURED IN THESE BOOKS Within Earth Angels Rising; Sworn to Secrecy; Ferry Command Teenager by Ted Beaudoin: Affleck, F/E John KC MBE  RAFFC  flight engineer on original Commando; this B-24 Liberator ferried Prime Minister Winston Churchill SEE VanDerKloot Albulet, Alexander  civilian, from Louise Erdely Allen, Ernest  Welland, Ontario – BCATP, One-Tripper, drew long straw, …

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