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Ted Beaudoin
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Ted Beaudoin

Ted Beaudoin

Ever since he was a child, Welland, Ontario (Canada) author Ted Beaudoin has had a fascination with all things that move … on the water and underwater, on the ground and underground, be it a bicycle, car, truck, bus, train or subway. He became even more fascinated about mechanical things that move about in the air, such as kites, parachutes, balloons, dirigibles, rockets and airplanes.
But more than anything else, it was airplanes that captured his imagination, especially after he learned in his teenage years that his father Fernand Urgel Beaudoin, claimed to have buzzed Niagara Falls, Ontario, sometime during WW II.
Shortly after finding out about this still unconfirmed buzzing of an international tourist attraction, his dad gave him his Royal Canadian Air Force pilot’s log book.
Beaudoin today unapologetically admits to still being possessed by all mechanical things aviation.
He began his writing career with The Barrie (Ontario) Examiner in 1962 as a general assignment reporter.
From there, he went on to work with larger and bigger newspapers, such as the Windsor Star and the Vancouver Sun, among others. He lived, worked and wrote from five Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia … making international headlines in the process, thanks to his “general assignment” category.
Without fully realizing it at the time, he had become a “Johnny-on-the-spot” reporter, conveniently assignable by his editors to be sent out to report on anything they thought needed to be covered.  
This placed him time and time again the only available reporter to handle breaking news stories that other “steady beat” reporters just could not cover. Of course, his favourite work hours were the 6 p.m. – 2 a.m. evening-late-night shifts where most good news stories seemed to happen … especially where aviation was concerned. He has spent the last 30 years of his 52+ year writing career as a self-employed freelance aviation writer / historian, and is usually seen grinning from ear-to-ear with every new lead for either a story, or a book … and he has written three of them to date.
A septuagenarian by birth, he has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to an almost daily research project dealing with what became the Royal Air Force Ferry / Transport Command of World War II – the RAF FC / TC.
He began this research in 2005, the Year of the Veteran in Canada, ending it in 2015.
Results of this research have helped him produce at three manuscripts, nearing completion in November, 2015, about the RAF FC / TC.
He has also collaborated with Donna McVicar Kazo and her daughter, Christianna Cannon, of Davie, Florida, in being part of a new web site dedicated exclusively to every man and woman who served the RAF FC / TC in any capacity. There are just too many good and never-before-published stories about the long forgotten men and women to put into three manuscripts: there were at least, 3,500 + civilians, all non-uniformed, non-insurable and un-armed who came from 23 allied nations to help create and sustain what became popularly known as Ferry Command. They got a lot of help also from air and ground support personnel seconded to them from allied air forces and from personnel attached to them by civilian airlines from allied nations.
The web site is www.RAFFerryCommand.com – this one
The only possible way to position all of the interviews and stories compiled from his decade of research was to insert the unpublished ones – along with some selected from his manuscripts – into this web site, which is dedicated exclusively to the RAF FC / TC.
This new website also provides an excellent place for Donna to promote and sell books about her father, Capt. Don McVicar: one of the few frontier-busting aviation pioneers of the 1930s and 1940, long before he joined the organization which became the RAF FC  / TC. Don was much more than a pilot … he also founded his own airline, World Wide Airways, and in his later years became quite a writer in his own right, producing thirteen books on aviation – all of which will be listed on this new website.
For a more formal curriculum vitae on the author, and brief descriptions of his previously-published books and three manuscripts now being completed, feel free to contact him  via his e-mail … tedbeaudoin@yahoo.ca

3 new books – works in progress –
Book 1: Earth Angels Rising
Book 2: Sworn to Secrecy
Book 3: Ferry Command Teenager

Previous books
January, 2011 – March 2013 – Niagara Falls, ON, Canada: took a two-year sabbatical to complete, as the commissioned author / archivist a Limited and Autographed Edition of 110 copies of the biography / photo album of Ruedi Hafen, founder and former owner of Niagara Helicopters Limited, NHL. It is part of his company’s official history and it helped him celebrate NHL’s 50th consecutive year of operations, 26 years of them under his ownership. On Dec. 7th, 2011, Mr. Hafen sold his company to Helicopter Transport Services (Canada), Carp, ON. Mr. Hafen has scheduled the publishing – at an unspecified date – of an expanded version of this original limited edition biography, written and edited by others.

Pilot of Fortune – on offer to publishers, is an expanded version of my original 300-page book, Walking on Air, first published in 1986. This new and illustrated 344-page book is a blended biography and adventure story of a very real pilot of fortune, the late Captain Sheldon Luck who was the first Chief Pilot of Canadian Pacific Air Lines. Captain Luck is one of only 29 Canadians to receive a King’s Commendation for his service as a civilian pilot in what became popularly known as the Royal Air Force‘s Ferry Command. He served through to war’s end, earning the sobriquet of being Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s personal mailman.

International / National Award Citations (details available)
1: 1981 – IABC – International Association of Business Communicators – Canadair News – Corporate employee publication
2: 1969 – National Newspaper Awards – Canadian Press – Spot News Reporting
SAR SASGES (Search and Rescue, RCAF: for Father Emile Sasges who was lost in the Cariboo Mountain Range)
Staff Writer – Active since summer 1962 as a staff writer, staff editor and publisher with a variety of Canadian daily and weekly newspapers in Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, in addition to being a Canadian Press stringer, with the following newspapers: QC: Daily Commercial News, Sherbrooke Daily News, Sept-Iles Journal; ON: Windsor Daily Star, Sudbury Daily Star, Barrie Examiner; BC: Vancouver Sun, New Westminster Columbian, Prince George Citizen

Media Management
Eagle Valley News – publisher / editor – Sicamous, BC – 1982-1984; weekly newspaper
Canadair News – Canadair Ltd. – Montréal, QC, editor 1979-1982; editorial consultant 1993-1994

Freelance contracts – business writing and French-to-English translation … detailed client list available
1984 to date – Montréal, QC; Victoria and Kelowna, BC; Dartmouth, NS; Toronto, ON; Calgary, AB; Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; NYC, NY. Publications include Calgary Herald; Container News (Atlanta, GA); Globe and Mail Report on Business; Investment Dealers’ Digest, (NY, NY); Montréal Business; Bell News; CN Rail News; BC Hydro; Professional Pilot (Washington, DC)

French to English translation services
2001 to 2011 – Institut MédiaLangues International Inc., Montréal, QC – freelance assignments as needed by this teaching institute.

Earlier books and television shorts

Walking on Air – Vernon, B.C. – 1986
Aviation adventure / history / biography – 300 pages, sold more than 4,800 copies, mostly throughout Western Canada.

The convention on international civil aviation – ICAO – 1979
35th commemorative anniversary booklet in Montréal, QC on the annexes which are the foundations of this United Nations organization.

Take a Number – work in progress
Updating and final editing of original manuscript – 2015. This is a refreshing and fascinating 300-page book on Canadian welfare, offering a possible 3-generation long solution to Canadian poverty – written as J.W. Dunn.

Above and Beyond the Stall – 1992
Pilot video for TV documentary – not time-sensitive; wrote, directed and produced this 22-minute VHS video on AOG Inc.’s Barron Beaver STOL kit modification, making it, in 1992, the first general aviation marketing video in Canadian general aviation history.

Partnerships of Interest – 1970
A 12-minute, 144-slide video with voice-over by John Ashbridge, former Vancouver Canucks announcer, for Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited in Prince George, BC (a Mead Corporation company) shown across western Canada and the Maritime provinces, produced with the help of CFJC-TV in Kamloops, BC.