Ferio Ferendi badgeWelcome to our website, a new way to easily and readily access vast amounts of information of almost anything to do with the Royal Air Force Ferry Command / Transport Command operation of World War II. It is dedicated to every man and woman from any allied nation who served this unit in any capacity, either as a recruit, a volunteer, or as one seconded to the RAF FC/TC from an allied military air force, or as one attached from an allied commercial airline operation. It is also dedicated to the men and women of the Air Transport Auxiliary squadrons set up in allied nations to ferry aircraft in their respective countries and forward to theatres of war when and where they were needed.

Much has been produced about the allied air forces gaining mastery of the air around the world, providing critical support of the allied military units operating underwater, on the water and on the ground. But little has been done to show just how this mastery of the air was accomplished. The contents of this website show how, by war’s end, a grand total of 250,000 aircraft got to where and when they were needed from their mostly American manufacturers.

History sort of forgot to record this stunning accomplishment, and in the process, forgot who did most of the work. By and large, it was some 3,500 civilians from 23 allied nations who did the job. They were un-armed, non-uniformed, and non-insurable: yet, their aircrews component delivered 9,442 of the 10,000 airplanes assigned to their care. These same individuals have been set aside in the margins of history pages. A low loss of aircraft, lower than predicted, but at a high tragic cost of more than 500 lives.

This website exists thanks to artist/editor/designer Donna McVicar Kazo and her daughter, artist/writer/web designer Christianna Cannon. Donna’s father, Captain Don McVicar, KC, OBE, was one of aviation’s frontier-busting pioneers of what would become the RAFFC/TC, who in later years went on to become a prolific and well-respected author of the Golden Age of Aviation.

This site and its finding aids leading to publications and sources depicting this unit, along with a bricks-and-mortar museum planned for Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (see our RAFFC Memorial page) will assure that they are forgotten no more.

In addition to the above, this website will, in time, the contain the results of all of the ten-year-long research conducted by me, Welland, Ontario, Canada author Ted Beaudoin. It will offer many anecdotes, stories, brief and extended narratives, old, new, and never-before-published illustrations along with names of hundreds of men and women who in any way served with this unit which operated out of Montréal/Dorval, Québec, Canada and Gander, Newfoundland, when it was still a British territory. There are far too many remarkable stories to be told about FC, too many for this writer to put into one, two even three books. The stories are vibrant and make for fascinating reading. They can best be published in their entirety through such a website, rather than as condensed versions of personal memoirs in books.

Our goal is to honor the thousands of unsung heroes and heroines of Ferry Command. Our Banner Montage features some of these heroes, and the photographs may be viewed at a larger size by either using the drop-down menu under “Stories & Photos” or through this link: http://rafferrycommand.com/our-banner-montage/

ferrymetalpilotDonna and Christianna have founded their own publishing company, Words on Wings Press LLC, to republish all of Capt. McVicar’s 13 volumes of his exciting life as an aviation pioneer. Please visit our page on this website dedicated to him and also their website, www.wordsonwingspress.com.

All the research material I have obtained over the last decade to track these stories is being digitized and will be donated to Canada’s National Archives, Canada’s Department of National Defence’s Royal Canadian Air Force – Directorate of History and Heritage, allied air forces who seconded many personnel and resources to the RAF FC, along with allied commercial airlines who attached personnel and resources to assist the RAF FC / TC civilians, and to any aviation-interested archive and / or museum anywhere in the world.

Please keep checking back, as this website is built to keep growing as more information wings its way to us.

DISCLAIMER: I take full responsibility for any omissions and / or errors in these pages. All permissions have been obtained, where possible, to reproduce the material in these pages, and where this has not been possible, I have credited all my sources.

-Ted Beaudoin,
Welland, Ontario

Mitchell B-25

Mitchell B-25


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